How to Register!

Please forward all documentation (see forms below) to the Registrar at address given on the form:

  • All documents must be completed correctly, signed and sent in a legible format.
  • Pedigrees will normally be sent to the breeder of the puppies to be distributed to the new owner[s].
  • Coat patterns will be determined by the Registrar and will be printed on the pedigree.
  • Dogs exhibiting any faults should be reported on the form to the Registrar.
  • In some cases the Registrar may request photographs of the dog/puppies to be Registered.
  • Adult dogs will be accepted onto the Register at the discretion of the Registrar.

There is currently no fee for registration of puppies, however you must enclose an A4 sized stamped addressed envelope (with correct postage costs for a large sized envelope) along with your registration documents for your pedigrees to be returned to you.
Please check the postage required as postal costs have recently changed requiring a 52p stamp for an average weight large A4 sized envelope.

If you do wish to make a small contribution towards the administration and running costs of the Working Plummer Terrier Registry, Network & Website this will be gratefully received, please send an email to regarding this.

Downloadable Forms (Adobe pdf)

How to Apply
Registration Form
Post Office Price Tariff 2008

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